Mature cheese made with milk from our own Swedish farms

Gäsene Mejeri is Sweden’s smallest dairy association and is made up of 23 farms that supply all our milk and run the dairy co-operatively. From the very first bite you can tell there is something special about cheese from Gäsene Mejeri. 

The dairy is located in Ljung, in western Sweden, and has always had strong local roots. All the milk comes from our own farms in the region, so it never takes more than 25 minutes to get the milk from the farm to the dairy. 

Many different factors affect the character and taste of our cheese. We reckon its flavour comes from the walls of the dairy. If we had moved 30 metres down the road we would no longer be making the same cheese. There is a unique bacterial flora inside the dairy which, combined with our skills, experience, ingredients and landscape, ensure that our locally produced cheese has more taste.

Making the cheese itself is relatively simple, since the basic principles have remained unchanged for thousands of years. All you need are four ingredients: milk, bacterial culture, rennet and salt. But the secret to creating a great cheese with lots of character and flavour is the craftsmanship that goes into it. That’s when it starts to get more difficult. You have to heat and cool the milk, add the bacterial culture and rennet, let it stand, break up the curd, heat it again, drain it, bathe it in salt, pack it, mature it and finally test it. This is all done under the close supervision of our skilled cheesemakers, packers and cheesemasters, who have long experience and well-trained palates. 

So give your tastebuds a treat. 


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